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The relationship between an individual citizen or a company and public authorities comes within the scope of Public Law.


Our team of experts are trained to recognise when an individual is being unfairly treated by the state, or when his human rights are not being respected.


Sometimes the only way to challenge the decisions of public bodies with no right of appeal is by judicial review. The High Court has the power to order the public body to refrain from a proposed course of action, quash a decision already made, declare a decision to be unlawful (which may give rise to claim for damages) or order the public body to carry out a specified act. The High Court can also declare that the decision of the public body or the statute is incompatible with the Human Rights of the individual concerned.


Callistes Solicitors have an experienced and dedicated team in all areas of judicial review, including successfully applying for emergency Orders and other temporary relief to prevent breaches of human rights.


So for any advice concerning Public Law, give us a call and we will not disappoint you.

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